Aloe vera is benefits to the body both internally and externally.

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Aloe vera is one of the herbs that have various properties, which in many countries is used to treat various diseases. for many centuries Because in addition to being able to be used externally, such as as an antiseptic, astringent, wound healing, and stopping bleeding, at the same time it is also a stimulant for tissue cells to grow. Makes the wound heal faster Treats ordinary wounds, burns, scalds, and wounds caused by radiation. Reduces inflammation, kills germs, and helps cement bones. Treat liver disease and treat brain disorders.

Especially adding moisture. Prevents sunburn, nourishes the face, and eliminates blemishes. Therefore, it is popularly processed into various beauty products. And because of these many irresistible properties, aloe vera can be called a natural miracle herb.

In addition to external use aloe vera It is also popular to eat. Because of the delicious crunch and bouncy gel texture that is unique. But it is also necessary to wash the mucus thoroughly. Which is popular and commonly seen is aloe vera juice ready to drink which helps refresh and nourish the body and prevent fatigue. Nourish the digestive system Helps relieve gastritis as well.

99.5% of aloe vera pulp is water, the rest is made up of glycoproteins. And polysaccharides (polysaccharides) ufabet, which in addition to helping relieve sunburned skin and burns There is also that it can help relieve or cure joint pain. For patients with arthritis It also has good results. Because it has the effect of inhibiting enzymes that cause inflammation. (Cyclo-Oxygenase or COX-2), which has properties similar to non-steroidal analgesics.

How to clean aloe vera

  • Wash and clean the bark to remove dirt.
  • Peel the skin and cut into 1×1 centimeter cubes.
  • Used to wash away the mucus.
  • Scald with hot water to inhibit enzyme activity The smell is green and the bitterness is reduced.

In addition to aloe vera juice, there are many modifications such as aloe vera gel, aloe vera gel, coconut milk, added to drinks instead of pearls, dietary supplements, etc.

Aloe vera gel It is often used to make desserts. Helps relieve inflammation in the joints. It is extracted into powder to be processed into medicine. To relieve inflammation in the joints as well.

Properties that are good for the skin. Helps reduce heat, swelling, and blistering, so it can be used to apply. Or mask it in various areas such as the face, body, or according to research results. If applied to the desired point It can relieve symptoms such as fresh wounds, burns, or scalds 6 , etc.

Jelly can be used to treat acne. or mixed with other raw materials To mask the face to increase moisture, you may use honey, fresh milk, turmeric, or chalk to mix and mask on the face for about 15 minutes. When washed off, you will feel cool, soft, comfortable skin, or may treat other symptoms. according to the ingredients used