Flies, Disease carriers and methods for proper elimination.

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Flies, Disease carriers: In general, Flies are classified as invertebrates. The average life cycle lasts 6-12 days, from hatching from eggs into maggots until adulthood. Flies can lay as many as 100-200 eggs at one time. It is not unusual to find many flies in people’s homes, shops. or various communities.

I believe that many people are bore with flies. Especially during the summer when flies breed in large numbers. This type of insect doesn’t just fly around waste, food, or people’s faces causing annoyance. But they are also carriers of many different germs. This is why we should get rid of flies before health problems arise in the future.

The flies were free to fly around. As you have seen before from crawling around food scraps, garbage, sewage, droppings and animal carcasses. This causes germs such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites to adhere to the legs and wings of flies. They will only live for a few hours. But if these germs enter the food pouch or intestines of the fly through eating things, they may live for several days. Flies can spread these germs to people through direct contact and contaminated food or drinking water.

The reasons why we must pay attention to How to repel flies in the house. This is because many epidemics and illnesses are cause by flies. Or are they carriers of disease? The flies crawl around spoiled food, dead animals, or waste. Then they bring germs such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses that follow their wings and legs to infect and transmit the infection to humans. Therefore, we should not eat food or drink water that has flies crawling around. Because germs that are carrie by flies may contaminate the water and those foods. Flies are considere vectors for many diseases, including

An easy way to get rid of flies is to use a fly swatter. Fly trap fly trap glue or chemicals to kill flies, but in the long run these methods may not be effective enough or have negative effects on health if the root cause of the problem is not addressed. Residents therefore need to take care of their own environmental sanitation and hygiene as well. You can follow the UFABET following instructions.

Eliminate breeding grounds for disease carriers flies

Garbage piles, sewage, or areas with dirt are all good breeding grounds for flies. Residents should therefore dispose of garbage and food scraps in leak-proof containers. Close the trash can lid completely. Empty your trash cans often, take out trash bags at least twice a week, and always dispose of waste water and don’t let it run off the floor. Regularly clean areas that have dirt or bad odors. If any house has pets such as dogs or cats Pets should be traine to excrete in an appropriate place and can be dispose of easily. Including closing the waste storage pit completely. Do not allow flies to crawl in and lay eggs.

In addition to eliminating and preventing flies, Always having good hygiene is an important part to help residents avoid health problems that come with flies or other disease-causing contaminants, such as washing your hands thoroughly before and after. Preparation of ingredients, cooking and eating Keep raw food away from ready-to-eat food. Eat food cooked to the right temperature, drink clean water, use a serving spoon, and do not share personal items such as spoons, spoons, or straws with others.