Netherlands invaded Belgium 4-1.

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The Netherlands‘ “Orange Knights” came out on top. As they beat Belgium 4-1 in the first leg of the UEFA Nations League. Memphis de Pai scoring twice.

Belgium hosts Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard lead the army with Romelu Lukaku standing in front of the target. While the Netherlands put Memphis Depay leading the offensive line.

Starting the game for the first 14 minutes. Belgium had a chance to win first when Hazard passed the ball to De Bruyne to shoot right in the penalty area. But the ball jumped over the crossbar. 

Then another 2 minutes. The Netherlands have some chances from the long-distance try of Stephen Berghuis. But the ball has not passed the hands of Simon Mijolet.  

The Orange Knight began to stretch the game more. 29th minute Memphis Depay passes the ball to Daley Blind. Catches it and shoots with a focus on the left in the penalty area. UFABET The ball throws a few centimeters away from the post.

In the 40th minute, the visiting team led 1-0 until Frenkie de Jong passed the ball to Stephen Bergwijn, caught it and flipped the shot in front of the penalty area. Curved ball into the net 

before the end of the first half The visiting team was almost again when Stephen Berghuis opened the ball into the arm, referee Hans Wanagen blew the first penalty but changed his mind to Czech VAR before canceling because he didn’t think he had more chest hits, then finished. The first 45 minutes with this score 

In the second half.

The Netherlands led to 2-0 in the 51st minute. Belgium cut the ball in the middle of the field, Stephen Berghuis stabbed through the hole for De Pai to shoot right in the penalty area decisively.

Belgium should have cracked the egg in the 61st minute when Dries Mertens slipped Leandro Trossar off for a shot from the left, but was saved by Jesper Cillessen that blocked it. visit 

When they couldn’t, it was the away team who immediately broke the goal 3-0. Stephen Berghuis fired from far in front of the penalty area in the first stroke. Mijolet saved but not out of danger. Daley Blind slapped left. Go back to the front door for Denzel Dumfries easily, no remains.

66 minutes, the score flows to 4-0 for the orange knights, Virgil van Dijk throws the long ball in front of the penalty area for Daley Blind, heading for Memphis Depay to break the ball down with his knees first. flickering tung net

At the end of the game in the 77th minute, Belgium sent the ball into the net in the moment that Michy Batshuayi fired the first shot, saved before Timothy Castagne, but with the Czech VAR caught offside first.

Then, in the injury time, Belgium hit the egg from Michy Batshuayi, but only got that, resulting in the end of the game as the Netherlands defeated Belgium 4-1.