White Horse CEO insists he wants to keep Sacha Kaladcic.

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Stuttgart CEO Alexander Wehrle has confirmed. He wants to keep striker Sacha Kaladcic at the club as a number of big clubs are eyeing him.

Kaladzic has been targeted by Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski this football summer. While Borussia Dortmund are keen on a move. As well to replace Erling Haaland, a great striker who moved to Manchester City. 

CEO White Horse said of the Austrian striker that “We are in good talks with Sasha and his agent. We want to keep him at FB Stuttgart, he is a very important player. It’s not always the case that a player who has one year left on his contract will definitely leave UFABET.

“There is a clear agreement that Sasha will not move for free in the next market (summer 2023), so I interpret that if he does not leave. (This summer) he will definitely extend his contract.”

In addition to the two famous teams of the Bundesliga that are in the news as well. Several teams in England are also keen to sign Sacha Kaladcic.

If asked about the strengths of the youngster ,Sacha Kaladcic would be about the 200 cm tall body, and of course this gives him quite an advantage from playing in the air whether defending or not. goalkeeper Did you know that Sacha Kaladcic ‘s 13 goals this season, seven of them coming from the head? I have to say that this kid is truly a terrifying threat from the weather. As for strength, it is considered the strongest. Where there will be freshness and good fighting skills against enemies as well. Let me tell you that defeating this child is not as easy as you think.